Spectra, Inc. is contributing as a development partner with proven ability, assisting high-tech enterprises and research institutions in the field of digital signal processing.
Our company has a firm philosophy of technology, boldly challenging even newer fields and even more advanced high-tech regions, and moving steadily forward towards further progress.
We offer wide range of development such as high-reliability system for public infrastructure, sophisticated system for research institutions and low-cost low-power-consumption products for consumer use.

The followings are some of our development results. There are many more that are not described in the list. Please feel free to inquire.



Radio propagation path simulator

Power line OFDM modem

Power line QPSK modem

π/4 shift QPSK wireless modem

Wireless OFDM transmitter and receiver

Wireless LAN

GMSK wireless modem

GFSK wireless modem

D8PSK wireless modem

16QAM wireless modem

V.26 modem

V.27bis modem

Project25 digital communication system

Underwater ultrasonic acoustic modem

High-speed GMSK modem

Low bit rate MSK demodulator for railway

High-speed equalizer control device for wireless

Digital receiver/digital transmitter

Infrared communication system

Multiple access TDMA communication system

HF Band SSB/CW/AM transceiver

Noise canceller with adaptive control for optical communications

Broadband AM receiver

AMI system long-distance data transmission device

Software radio (speech and data)

Echo canceller for satellite communications

Telephone line echo canceller

Blind equalizer

Wireless repeater with adaptive control

Underwater cabled data transmission device

Hard-decision BCH code

Soft-decision BCH code

Shortened BCH code

Extended BCH code

Reed-Solomon code

Reed-Muller code

Convolutional code

Trellis Code Modulation (TCM)

Viterbi decoding

Turbo code



Telephone testing device

Lossless data compression/expansion

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Servo control

Multichannel high-speed FFT device (FPGA)

Multichannel high-speed digital filter (FPGA)


Laser marking device

Laser irradiation noncontact remote vibration measurement device

Frequency analysis

Various kinds of digital filters

Adaptive prediction

Shoplifting detector

Micro machine control

Optical fiber cable inspection device

Optical fiber cable monitoring device

Power line monitoring device

Railway ATS

Railway ATC

Railway track circuit monitoring device

Sound source tracking type monitoring camera mount control

Signal processing board for cosmic-ray observation

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Fast Fourier Transform

Various kinds of digital filter design and mounting

Lossless data compression and expansion

C54x multi DSP board

C6x parallel processing DSP board

DSP evaluation board

Daughter board for EVM (high frequency processing)

Daughter board for DSK (high frequency processing)

Signal processing algorithm development for special application

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Voiced sound detection system VOX

Speech analyzer

Speech synthesizer

Low bit rate speech codec

G.726 codec

Low bit rate ADPCM codec

Low bit rate ADM codec

Voice converter

Wide range speech rate converter

Voice scrambler

Helium speech reconstructor

Voice detector

IC compatible ADPCM codec

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Four ear type high accuracy sound source localizer

Two ear type sound source localizer

Wiener filter noise canceller

Spectrum subtraction noise canceller

Adaptive filter noise canceller

Irregular large amplitude noise suppressor

Noise floor suppressor

Microphone frequency characteristics corrector

Acoustic echo canceller

Howling canceller

Audio signal generator

Microphone beamforming

Digital limiter

Speech multiplexer

Underwater acoustic analyzer

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Image recognition

Image analysis

Various kinds of filtering

Various kinds of image conversion

Feature extraction

Image measurement

Image processing

Food quality judgment device

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